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Why Disability Insurance?

More often than we think, many people in today's workforce suffer a short-term disability.

Within 10 minutes, 441 people will suffer a disability.
23.2 million disabling injuries were reported in 2004; 3.7 million of those were work related.
The cost of unintentional injuries in 2004 was $574.8 billion.


**Source: Injury Facts, National Safety Council, 2005-2006 Edition

A disability plan from Colonial Life can help you prepare for a short-term disability. Benefits from your Colonial Life disability plan can supplement your income to help you pay the following expenses:

Mortgage or rent payments.
Utility bills and other household expenses.
Food, clothing and other necessities.
Medical costs not covered under other plans.
Travel and lodging expenses for treatment.


The Colonial Life disability portfolio includes group and individual coverage, and each plan features several options to help meet your unique needs.

The Grant Agency's Short-Term Disability Income Protection Insurance is an individual disability plan. With this plan, you (the employee) can choose the plan design that best meets your needs. There is no employer contribution for this plan; the employee pays the premium.

The individual short-term disability plan offers two plan options, a partial disability benefit and higher levels of disability coverage. Would you like to receive additional information about The Grant Agency's Short-Term Disability Plan?

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