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Employee Benefits Consulting Services  





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What are Supplemental Benefits?

Supplemental benefits complement an employer's core benefits program because employees choose the ones that best meet their individual and family needs. Typical plans include disability, accident, life, cancer and hospital confinement insurance. Voluntary benefits allow employers to offer an expanded benefits package at no direct cost because employees typically pay for these products themselves, usually through convenient payroll deduction.

Our plans typically pay benefits regardless of other insurance the policyholder has. Policyholders can use the money to pay deductibles, co-payments and other expenses not covered by major medical plans, such as travel to treatment centers, lodging and child care, or even everyday living expenses. Need More Info? Click Here

Accident Insurance
Little League, other weekend sports and leisure hobbies, Chores and fix-up projects around the house, Going to work everyday, These activities are a part of normal, everyday life. Unfortunately, accidents are also a part of everyday life. And often, we don't think about the accidental injuries, or even the accidental deaths, which may happen during the course of a day. Need more info? Click Here
Life Insurance
Whether you're a breadwinner or a stay-at-home parent, you probably need life insurance to protect the people who depend on you. And in most instances, life insurance benefits are free from income tax for the beneficiary. Need More Info? Click Here

Short-Term Disability
In most cases, a short-term disability will result in reduced income for you and your family. If you become disabled, how long could you pay bills and provide for your family with reduced earnings? How long will the disability benefit from your employer-sponsored insurance plan last? Do you have enough set aside to cover the additional expenses caused by a disability, maintain your lifestyle and cover everyday living expenses? Need More Info? Click Here

Hospital Confinement Indemnity
Being admitted to the hospital is something you hope you or your family will never have to experience. However, if you had to stay in the hospital, do you have enough set aside to cover the out-of-pocket costs associated with a hospital stay? What if you have to be in the hospital for a week or more? Those charges add up. How will you pay the expenses that accumulate with each day you are in the hospital? Need More Info? Click Here
Cancer and Critical Illness
You don't plan to be diagnosed with cancer or a critical illness. What would you do if this happened? Both Colonial Life's Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance plans are designed to supplement your major medical coverage to help you with the high cost of cancer and critical illness treatment. Need More Info? Click Here
Hospital Intensive Care Protection
Provides first day coverage for accidents, Second day coverage for sickness. Hospital Intensive Care Protection pays benefits' for up to a total of 31 days per confinement in an Intensive Care Unit and subsequent confinement in a sub-acute intensive care unit. Need More Info? Click Here
Long-Term Care
Many people believe long term care is only for the elderly, but nearly 57% of people who file a long term care claim are under age 65. These are just a few of the conditions that can occur at any age and prompt the need for long term care insurance:
*heart disease
*brain trauma
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